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CORVA Opposes use of Antiquities Act to create national Monuments

October 23, 2015 2:55 PM | CORVA Administrator (Administrator)

Ever since the California Desert Protection Act in 1994, which closed thousands of miles of OHV roads and trails, OHV leaders have urged California's senators and representatives to protect our remaining OHV opportunities in the desert.

It took 21 years, but now we have our bills:  H.R. 3668 and S. 414.  Both bills will protect five BLM OHV Open Areas, as many as 1,750 miles of routes, and OHV, rockhounding and hunting on 1.6 million acres of the California desert.  Also, both bills have a path to expand  OHV areas to make up for the lost OHV acreage in Johnson Valley. 

CORVA joined other OHV organizations such as the American Motorcyclists Association, the Blue Ribbon Coalition, the Off Road Business Association and several Friends groups in crafting and introducing these bills.  Now we are working hard together to move both bills through Congress before President Obama designates much of these lands a National Monument by proclamation. 

OHV leaders also worked hard on the draft Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP). Unfortunately, despite early assurances to the contrary, the DRECP proposes to further reduce our OHV acreage and decimate the OHV route system on 6 million acres in the desert.

Now facing a probable National Monument proclamation of up to 2 million acres that is unfriendly to roads, OHV, rockhounding and hunting, and an inevitable DRECP that is hostile to OHV, the passage if both H.R. 3668 and S. 414 is urgently necessary to ensure a future for OHV in the California desert. 

Sadly, the largest national environmental organizations do not support H.R. 3668 and S. 414 because of the strong protections for OHV. They are actively working against passage of our bills and are leading the charge for a presidential proclamation. 

Please support our bills, H.R. 3668 and S. 414, and help CORVA to protect OHV-based recreation from the threats of renewable energy development and environmental extremism.

For information on how you can help, visit:

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