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Difficult Choices


We are sorry. We understand many of you are disappointed. CORVA run events are fun and a way to both give back to our members and raise the needed operating funds. The Truckhaven Challenge has been a popular and successful event for many years.  Regulars tell us they add next years date to their calendar right after returning home from the current event.

 We have a problem for 2016. For the fourth time since 1993, an anti OHV group has filed for endangered species status for the flat tailed horned lizard. Because the California Fish and Wildlife Service has opted to study the request, no permits are being issued for the Ocotillo Wells SVRA and Truckhaven. The review period will end in February 2016, but we don’t know what next steps will be.

 Typically, CORVA and others who run OHV events make efforts to relocate and reschedule annual events when we lose access to a regular venue. Quite frankly, these “fixes” are difficult. It takes time to establish attendance and operations. Often the adaptations fail to excite and fail to generate funds. CORVA has neither the funds nor the human resources to offer Truckhaven at a place other than Truckhaven.  We simply cannot re-create Truckhaven elsewhere.

 We are also beginning to understand that our efforts to adapt are sometimes detrimental to the fight to keep what we already have. This is the fight that CORVA is proud to lead in California. We have taken many steps ahead of other OHMVR advocacy groups and have brought them along with us. The greater our numbers the greater our visibility to decision makers.

 As noted, there have been three prior efforts to have the flat-tailed horned lizard named a protected species. Each time the designation has been refused after costly analysis. What has changed?

  (“In conclusion, OHV activity does not appear to be a significant threat to flat-tailed horned lizard habitat throughout its range at this time, nor is it likely to become a significant threat in the foreseeable future.”)

 Not much, although there are some strategic points being made in this latest filing that CORVA and others have commented on. It is also incumbent on CORVA to keep your seat at the table throughout this process.

 After much discussion, we have decided to draw our line in the sand. The Truckhaven Challenge will be back, when we regain access to Truckhaven. We’ve heard from some of our loyal attendees that anyplace that isn't Truckhaven won’t be the Truckhaven Challenge. We believe those comments should be heard.


Here is where you can help. CORVA earned your money at the Truckhaven Challenge. We now need to earn your money without the Truckhaven Challenge. Donate to: Fund the Fight

 Stay tuned. We have some ideas for engaging you in this effort. Meanwhile, if you are angry enough to help fund the fight, we will put your dollars to very good use.

 Thank you for your support.  

Diana Mead, President, California Off Road Vehicle Association

California Off-Road Vehicle Association
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