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Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Looking for OHV Advice!

January 07, 2016 12:36 PM | AJ Granat (Administrator)
The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit is looking for help from OHV enthusiasts to IMPROVE the OHV roads, trails and opportunities.

CORVA is part of a collaborative together with local OHV groups, BRC and Cal4. The Basin wants more information, find the letter explaining everything on the

Home Page :

Send comment to :

Suggestion points for your comments:

  • Appoint a year round, pro-OHV employee for ALL things OHV related
  • Create a contact list for OHV clubs, groups and organizations
  • Engage users, especially the volunteers, while drafting grant requests
  • Streamline the obtaining and delivery of supplies for maintain efforts
  • Reinstate all Adopt-A-Trail agreements
  • Reach out to the OHV community to encourage more clubs to partake
  • Place signage at every trailhead and intersection
  • Address the design and management of the Rubicon Trail Staging Area
    • o    Harden the borders
    • o    Re-grade and compact the parking area
    • o    Designate a staging area with 20 minute parking for vehicle preparation
    • o    Pour a 15'x20' concrete pad for vehicle preparation and repairs
    • o    Post no-parking signs along the border and in front of the kiosk(s)
    • o    Protect trees w/i staging area – rocks and 2'x8’ posts with 
  •  Harden edges along the paved section of the Rubicon Trail
  •  Designate the overflow and oversized rigs and trailers parking area
  • Middle Fork Trail work
    • o    Signage
    • o    Fix split rail fence at the top
    • o    Fix down tree bypass
  •   Twin peaks
  • o    Sign at the entrance
  • o    Rock of all sizes
  • o    Replace for the railroad ties
  • Single email address for all things OHV within the LTBMU
  • Create Recreational Opportunity Guide (ROG) for the greater Rubicon Area
  • Work with TNF and ENF to develop one ROG for all three forests
  •  Improve the website
  •  Training
  •  Paperwork
  •  Tools
  •  Organization
  •  Trail maintenance

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