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President Designates 3 New National Monuments

February 12, 2016 12:37 PM | AJ Granat (Administrator)

The California Off-Road Vehicle Association thinks it is shameful for the President to take this action now when even the sponsor, Senator Feinstein has stated repeatedly that she would prefer to see a comprehensive legislative solution that protects the entire desert region. Now that comprehensive bills are finally being heard in the Congress, this action is premature and will almost certainly cause many of the delicately negotiated compromises to protect other sensitive resources such as those in Imperial County and other desert counties, to be lost forever.

Link to BLM Press Release


  • February 12, 2016 11:30 PM |
    I don't believe Senator Feinstein, the President is returning political favors to his most faithful supporters. Feinstein was never satisfied even with the passage of her desert protection act in the early 1990's. She was only able to pass that legislation in memory of the late Senator Cransten who was always in favor of locking off-road enthusiasts out of the desert. The moment was ripe, a lame duck president open to abuse of executive orders. It appears we are being locked out of many of our favorite "go to" rides at RasorRoad and Afton Canyon. I don't buy Feinstein's comments above, she will get her way at any cost. Shameful for sure!
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  • February 14, 2016 11:14 PM | Edmed2012jk
    The day obama signed this law to designate the desert land a national monument is another sad day for America. It is truly sad when you lose a freedom. In this case the freedom to go out and enjoy land that should always be open for American citizens. We are slowly losing our country and it is painful to watch. I feel that I have been wronged, by a man who's goal is to fundamentally change America. But it is not just me that has been wronged, but also the rest of freedom loving American's across the country.
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