California Off-Road Vehicle Association


March 11, 2016 10:43 AM | AJ Granat (Administrator)

Each year CORVA honors those in our community for exceptional efforts benefiting the OHV Community. The following awards will be presented at this year’s CORVA Annual Meeting on May 21st at Hollister Hills
 SVRA, Hollister CA.  If you know of anyone deserving of one or more of these awards send an email to

George Thomas Memorial Trophy for Off Roader Of The Year:  This trophy is presented to the one individual whose contributions to the betterment of off-roading during the preceding year are worthy of this very special recognition. The recipient may be any individual who has provided special help to off-roading.  The person does not have to be a member of CORVA or any affiliated organization.  The nomination should be submitted with an explanation of the individual’s accomplishments. 
Looney Duners Trophy to Charity:  This is a Club Award, and to be eligible for this award, the club must belong to CORVA.  The award goes to the club that donates the most time and effort to charity. Money is not a factor.
Northern & Southern Club Award:  This award is given annually to one club in each region, Northern and Southern.  Each club shall submit what it deems to be its outstanding project for the year.  The Board of Directors shall award the trophy to that project it deems best bolsters the image of off-roading.
Los Aventureros State Conservation Award:  This award is presented to the individual club which during the year has contributed the most towards conservation.   
American Buggy Association Political Activism Award:  To have one’s name added to this plaque requires exceptional activity in dealing with elected officials and civil servants. While significant success is not always possible, it is important that some progress toward a goal was achieved.  In addition,
this person’s efforts should always increase the perception of CORVA as a political powerhouse.

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