California Off-Road Vehicle Association

What Can You Do? Help Save the OHV Program

March 03, 2017 5:39 PM | AJ Granat (Administrator)

Find Your Legislator and send a polite letter to your representatives restating some of the following in your own words:  

  • I am a constituent and would like you to oppose SB 249 (Allen). 
  • This legislation would have an extremely harmful effect on the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Program.
  • The California OHMVR Program is a national model that provides high quality environmentally sustainable recreational opportunities for millions of motorized recreation enthusiasts. 
  • The program is based on the user-pay, user-benefit philosophy. Taxes collected on fuel used in off-highway vehicles are dedicated to the program to benefit those who pay the taxes. 
  • SB 249 would result in the diversion of these funds for non-OHV related purposes. SB 249 also would weaken OHV representation on the California OHV Commission and severely limit opportunities for public involvement in the decision-making process. 
  • There is nothing remotely equitable about these provisions. The California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program is vitally important to me and millions of California citizens who enjoy off-highway vehicle recreation.
  • California businesses depend on a healthy OHV recreation program with adequate funding as OHV recreation contributes billions of dollars to California‚Äôs state and local economies and plays an important role in the quality of life of its citizens. 
  • We urge you to oppose SB 249.

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