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March 11, 2021 3:14 PM | CORVA Administrator (Administrator)

Access for All, Oceano Dunes SVRA Peaceful Demonstration

The Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce has joined with outdoor enthusiasts to support Oceano Dunes SVRA! Please join everyone on March 14th, from 2:00 to 4:00pm at Oceano Dunes. See all event information here:

Join CORVA in supporting AB 232/ sponsored by Assemblymember Gallagher and help bring back equity for off-road recreationists who visit other states.

Contact the legislators listed to express your support.

Here is a list of the Transportation Committee members along with their city of residence and state capitol phone number. If you live or work near one of these committee members, that would be a good place to start. The bill is AB 232 by Assemblyman Gallagher. This bill will simply adjust California's long-held policy of reciprocity for OHV registrations vis a vis other states. Until last year every state that had an OHV registration system would honor the registration from residents of other states when they visited to recreate in another state. Last year Arizona, Utah and Idaho began changing their policy and began to require any non-resident of their state to first obtain an out-of-state OHV visitor permit for their vehicle before they could operate an OHV in the state. In other words, they are dropping the reciprocity that has ALWAYS existed for motor vehicle registrations between states. A California OHV registration (green sticker) will no longer be accepted as legal in those 3 states. This bill will simply change California's OHV statute to continue to allow reciprocity ONLY for residents of those states that recognize CA OHV registration as legal in their state. Visitors from states that do not recognize the CA green sticker will be required to purchase a CA OHV Visitor Permit in order to operate their OHV in CA. Visitors from states that continue to recognize the CA OHV registration will continue to be able to operate in CA with only their home state OHV permit.

Here is the list of Transportation Committee members we need to contact, and contact your own Assemblymember as well.

 Laura Friedman  (Chair)  Glendale  916 319 2043
 Vince Fong  Bakersfield  916 319 2034
 Marc Berman  Palo Alto  916 319 2024
 Jordan Cunningham  San Luis Obisbo  916 319 2035
 Tom Daly  Anaheim  916 319 2069
 Laura Davies  Laguna Niguel  916 319 2073
 Mike Gipson  Carson  916 319 2064
 Ash Kalra  San Jose  916 319 2027
 Alex Lee  San Jose  916 319 2025
 Jose Medina  Riverside  916 319  2061
 Adrin Nazarian  San Fernando Valley  916 319 2046
 Janet Nguyen  Huntington Beach  916 319 2072
 Patrick O’Donnell  Long Beach  916 319 2070
 Chris Ward  San Diego  916 319 2078
 Buffy Wicks  Oakland  916 31915
 Transportation  Committee  916 319 2093

Time to comment on the proposed Public Works Plan for Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Find the report here

Comments need to be sent by March 18th to:

Important Coastal Commission Meeting on March 18th to consider phasing out off-road recreation from our beloved state park!

Please review all information for the meeting on the follow site:

Click on the "Special Meeting March 18th" Agenda Item to sign up to speak during the meeting. Also,written  comments may be submitted to the Coastal Commissioners by 5:00pm March 12th sent to the following email address:

Contact your legislators and ask them to support Oceano Dunes SVRA!

Especially if you live in the LA Area and Central Valley, your legislators need to hear from you now! Find the contact info for your legislator here:

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