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Volunteering for CORVA:

There are many ways to volunteer:

  • Serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Board of Directors include Executive Positions and Regional Positions.
  • Become a field representative.
  • Help at an event or show in the CORVA booth.

Most volunteers begin with helping in the CORVA booth, they listen to the other volunteers who have been doing this for many years and before long, they are talking about CORVA. To learn more about CORVA, attend our monthly Board of Director meetings. All the meetings are live on Zoom. Anyone can attend. The importance of attending the meetings is to learn what is going on, what’s coming up and learn more about how to get involved.

Field Representative is a CORVA Volunteer who could be in an area where CORVA doesn’t have anyone attending OHV or Off Road related meetings. Unfortunately, the board or Managing Director cannot be at every meeting in the state. We rely on our members to attend local meetings, either Forest Service, BLM or State Parks and report back to the board on any topics that CORVA should be aware of or inquire for additional information; especially if any off road trail or area is being threatened of closure. Serve on the Board of Directors. We have volunteers who have stepped up in their involvement with CORVA. They have volunteered and helped with events, shows, etc… They have attended many of the meetings mentioned above and felt compelled to serve on the board. Currently going into our 2024 Annual Meeting we have 3 Executive Board positions open and available. VP of Administration, VP of Education and the Treasurer is up for re-election. There are also Northern and Southern regional board positions open. All positions on the board have the same voting power; except the President only has a vote in the event of a tie. The regional positions are made up of the Regional Director and 4 Assistant Regional Directors; Secretary, Legislation, Grants, and Clubs.

CORVA operates and continues to exist because of dedicated volunteers. CORVA has one paid position. The Managing Director is a paid Independent Contractor who works on the behalf of CORVA primarily, but not limited to attended as many meetings as possible regarding protecting our off roading in California on our public lands. CORVA has the motto: “Protecting public land for the people, not from the people.”

Please consider volunteering in some capacity. Thank you!


Mike McGarity, President

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