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The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan Still Ongoing!

July 25, 2022 2:47 PM | Amy Granat (Administrator)

CORVA represented all off-road enthusiasts in California on the stakeholder committee during the years of negotiations. The Managing Director of CORVA, Amy Granat, has continued monitoring and particpating with the ongoing amendments in the ensuing years. 

The DRECP overlaps with WEMO and covers almost 11 million acres of land with a lot of off-road opportunities. "Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan | Bureau of Land Management"

Archeology affects access to off-road opportunities more than we generally recognize. There have been calls to create incentives for heavy users of land within the DRECP area to be subject to mitigation and additional fees for preservation measures. Most of this is geared towards development, especially solar development, but off-road recreation is considered a use with significant impacts to the land, and we have to be aware and comment when necessary as representatives of the greater off-road community in California. 

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