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August 01, 2018 9:51 AM | CORVA Administrator (Administrator)

CORVA Membership Fee Increase Effective August 1, 2018
By Ken Clarke,
President of California Off-Road Vehicle Association

I am proud of the dedication everyone associated with CORVA exhibits as we advocate for all forms of off-road recreation and motorized access. CORVA is increasingly influential and working to protect the rights of our members to enjoy public land. As President of CORVA, I have been tasked with informing our members and the public that the CORVA Board of Directors voted to raise our membership fee to $40.00 per year, effective August 1, 2018. This increase will help us engage more widely politically and keep our promise to our members to stay at the forefront of all issues facing off-road access. CORVA will remain the leader in the battle to keep public land open for the people.

It has been about 15 years since CORVA last raised our membership fee. As the years have gone by, our costs have significantly risen, including insurance, printing and postage. CORVA is also getting increasingly involved in legal issues (using the best legal talent we can find) and this year has employed a very effective lobbyist in Sacramento.

CORVA is always working on new strategies to protect motorized recreation on public land. We are now looking at how we can influence Congress to help our forests in California maintain our roads and trails and prevent the occurrence of catastrophic wildfire. As always, we continue to focus our work in California but we also need to be heard in Washington as land use policies evolve. And even though we are on the forefront of off-road advocacy, we will always use our Members funds in the most effective manner possible.  

Thank you for continuing your support for CORVA and our dedication to promoting, protecting and preserving off-road opportunities in California.

Ken Clarke
President CORVA

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